IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal — Facts You Should Know

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Located in Baba Bakala sub-district of Amritsar districtof Punjab state, Umra Nangal is one of the prosperous villages of Punjab. The village is also well-known for its proud history, and the main profession of the village is farming.

Paramraj Singh Umranangal from the same village Umranangal, is a senior IPS officer & belongs to a prominent political family in Punjab. His grandfather, Sh. Jiwan Singh Umranangal & other family members were at the forefront with the mission to maintain national unity during the dark days of militancy in Punjab.

Punjab Police IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal

Paramraj Singh, Inspector General of Punjab Police, was recognized many times for his determination, commitment to the nation and was nominated twice for the president’s medal. There is immense level of pride attached with his contribution to the Punjab Police.

Jiwan Singh Umranangal

His grandfather Late Sh. Jiwan Singh Umranangal (former Akali Dal legislator and former Revenue Minister of Punjab)stood against the militant takeover of the Golden Temple by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwaleand his anti-national accomplices.

During this, he was the sole leader who preached love and harmony amongst the people belonging to different communities of Punjab. This is not it, taking a strong stand against the atrocities done by the militants, he raised voice and made public statements. All this made him the target of militants, and he became a prime target of the militants.

All this made him the target of militants, and he became a prime target of the militants. He got attacked multiple times, but somehow, he survived all of them. But, unfortunately, his son. S. Sukhdev Singh (father of S. Paramraj Singh) was ambushed and killed in broad daylight.

IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal Contribution to Society

Punjab IGP Paramraj Singh Umranangal, being accepted in the police force at that time, himself had to face various attacks; however, he stood his ground, faced the armed insurgents, and survived numerous violent encounters.

Mela Umranangal Da expressed gratitude on their Facebook page for the great contribution of Senior Punjab police officer Paramraj Singh Umranangal to the martyr’s family. It was moderately like this -

“So proud of our patron S.Paramraj Singh Umranangal, IPS for leading and effort to help a martyr’s family. Sukhdev Singh Umranangal Trust encourages you all to do your bit to help society#StandUp #HelpEachother.”

Over the years, he has been recognized numerous times for his bravery and audacity. The family of IGP Paramraj Singh Umranangal is associated with the organization of various historical, cultural, sports events, etc. Their family has worked night and day for the betterment of the village, especially the security.

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