Tea plantaion in Mawlyngot, Meghalaya, India

Hello everyone, this is our first blog! We are excited to tell you guys a story about the idea which originated from a small village in Meghalaya.
We grew up drinking tea; the first thing Grandmother offers us in the morning is tea. When everyone’s up from bed and washed up, we cousins would grab ourselves a cup and spoon and go straight to the kitchen where grandmother would be waiting beside the firewood, with a kettle beside the fire; steeped and ready. We all sit in a circle as she pours tea into our cups. To pair along with it, there’s ‘ka shriew’ (yam) (which is organically grown by grandmother) boiled for sometime. It is then covered with ‘sla song’ (wild leaf) in low heat and steamed overnight. On some days we have ‘phan bilat’ (sweet potato) or ‘phandieng’ (tapioca). So whoever wakes up early gets to eat the best yam and the last one gets to have whatever’s leftover. Yam is one of the best complimentary foods which is taken with tea, be it black tea, white or green. Even a five year old would join in for the morning tea, after which we would all go to the fields and play and later join our parents to help them with farming.

Tea plantations in Mawlyngot are two decades old and it was initiated by the world vision joined hands together with the village and started this project. Tea in Mawlyngot was a revolutionary idea, as it changed the lives of the people of the society. Now people can taste the richness of the tea grown in this small part of the world. Whoever thought that this known cultivation could be practised and developed here, and would shape the mindset and lifestyle of the society all- together.
Nothing is impossible, it only takes courage, an idea, a leap of faith and patience to overcome the fear of failure, to find the true potential and to taste victory!

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