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The Danaïdes, condemned to spend eternity carrying water to a bathtub that always leaks.

We have all done it in one point of our lives. You have just implemented a shiny new feature on your public repo, you wrap up your last commit, run all the tests and push. You go to the kitchen to get a well deserved coffee, and just as you’re about to take the first sip, it dawns on you: You’ve pushed your (password | API Key | API Secret) to your public repository.

Your first instinct is to delete the sensitive info from the project and push again — which as we all know is useless, since the commit…

How Our Code Embraces Chaos

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Chaos theory (source)

As a skunkworks team, being able to iterate fast is paramount to Team Yeah! Meshi. To achieve this goal, our whole tech stack needs to be optimised, from the way we divide work, to the technologies we use, even to how we deploy. At the same time, we cannot sacrifice code quality- so it is a constant delicate balance between Good and Fast in the project management triangle.

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Sisyphus rolling a boulder uphill, only to watch it roll back down again.

Recently I was interviewed for a video where I talked about how fulfilling being a software engineer is. Since that video has been released, I’ve been contacted by many aspiring developers with questions on how to be a Software Engineer (or a software developer, or a programmer, whichever you prefer). Most of them are classic questions, like which languages to learn first, which books to read, how to land an interview and so forth. You get the idea.

However, as informative as answers to these questions can be, they don’t paint the full picture. There are some insight about software…

Umut Seven

Full Stack Software Engineer with a focus on APIs and microservices. Currently working as a Search Engineer at Cookpad.

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