Sharing the 6 guidelines with classmate.

I shared six guidelines to my best friend Muhammad Ghufran Ullah.

1. Recognize your inner passion

2. Decisions are unique and every decision is right for one person and wrong for any other person.

3. Do an internship in your relevant field and then go for higher degree if you find it fit for yourself.

4. Take your decisions by yourself and don’t blame others for it.

5. Spend some time in your first job to get some experience and exposure, then look for better opportunities.

6. Don’t do PhD if you want to be an entrepreneur or work in corporate sector.

So conversation about our future planning gave us mutual benefit. As a student of final year, everyone is more worried and concerned about his/her future. So by talking this way we can get more cleared about our future goals and concerns. This is also very much important to decide about higher education.

I thanked him about giving me a time. He thanked me also for giving him unique and important tips about future planning.

Sharing the 6 tips with a working professional

I contacted to my senior who is working as Assistant Director in Lahore Development Authority. He usually use to say that he is not satisfied with his job and will leave it as soon as find another good job. I called him and request him about meeting. Fortunately he informed me that he was coming to university to attend Mushaira organized by UET Literary society. So in this way we met and I discussed following points with him.

1. Put your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven.

2. Don’t talk badly about the company or about your boss.

3. Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members.

4. Find a mentor and manage the relationship strategically.

5. Join a professional body and build your network.

6. Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily.

So this was really a great experience. He appreciated my approach and said that he was glad to know that I have joined such a prosperous academy who is providing much needed skills to young professionals. He also requested me to share all the knowledge and data which I have learned from Amal Academy. At the end I thanked him for giving me a time.

What pains and costs are you willing to embrace?

Being an orphan and only male member in my family. My family totally depends on me. No one can deny the importance of male member in a family as it I very much important and family circuit is very much difficult without any male member.

My mother wanted me to get well educated so I worked hard to fulfill my mother’s dream. I belong to a remote area and college facility is not available there. I used to travel 30 kilometer daily to go to college for my F.Sc education. Somehow I did my F.Sc. Then fortunately when I was admitted in UET Lahore it was very difficult for my family to send me Lahore as circuit of my home totally stuck in my absence. In first year I decided to leave the university and go back to my home. But my mother advised me that we have to face many problems in absence of you and we will face these for your better future but do not allow you to quite your studies as this is very much important for you to get well educated. I inspired from my family and decided to complete my education. Although I faced many problems during my studies and of course my family also faced the same. But whenever you have to get some big one then you have to do some big for it. That’s why it is very well said that ‘No pain, No gain’.

I am very happy at the end as I am going to be graduated in 2 months. I am happy that finally I am going to fulfill the dream of my mother. Certainly I would not be able to do this if my family did not sacrifice and I did not keep on my struggles.

HW Activity Part B: Find your Passion

Every person has some goals of life and every one want to get these fulfill in his/her life. Some people live for themselves and there are many others who live for others. This is life and everyone has rights to do something for himself/herself. It is very interesting to hear from others about their goals and purpose of life. We may get motivated by hearing from others.

So I contacted to 4 persons for knowing their purpose of life. I am thankful to everyone who gave me their time and positive feedback.

1. Muhammad Shahzad

Muhammad Shahzad is my cousin and currently working in Allied Bank as operation manager. I asked him about his purpose of life. He replied that it is very difficult to answer this question because we do not have single purpose of life. He said that his purpose of life is to become an area manager.

2. Muhammad Adnan Bubak

Muhammad Adnan Bubak is my best friend. Currently he is doing BS Computer Science. When I asked him about his purpose of life. He informed that his purpose of life is to make an NGO who work for education in my area. There poor students will be given quality of education free of cost. He said that many poor people cannot give education to their children. Education is right of every children so as a nation we need to take steps about it at individual basis.

3. Shoib Malhi

Shoib Malhi is doing MPhil in Agriculture Sciences. His purpose of life is to bring innovations in agricultural field so that it can be helpful to farmers and they can be get more benefited through new ideas. He said that farmers in Pakistan are not fully aware about their fields. Our country is agricultural country and we can import crops but unfortunately currently we are not fulfilling even our basic needs. It’s just because of old system in agriculture and we are left behind to rest of the world and we need to opt new techniques and reforms in agricultural field.

4. Dr. Zoofishan

Dr. Zoofishan is assistant professor in UET Lahore. She has done Ph.D. Fulbright Scholarship from America. By asking her purpose she replied that her purpose is to settle in America in next three years. She said that she has been offered to teach in American university so she wants to avail this golden opportunity. By asking why you are not interested to live in Pakistan. She just said that situations are in front of you and we do not have any future there so I want to settle in America.

So by knowing the purposes of different people we come to know that some people want to get something for themselves only. They want to live for themselves only. But there are many others who want to do something for others as well. They are more concerned for humanity and are really worried and want to do something for betterment of humanity. I think actual life is that we spend for betterment of humanity. God has created us with purpose to do something for others as well. So we should also think about others and should do our best for betterment of humanity and this is the purpose of real life.

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