A very rare common question

A common scene at a traffic jam, those sits in four wheeler blames two wheeler people for the current situation, those on two wheeler blames auto rickshaws for the same. Every one likes to play the blame game instead searching for a solution to sort out the current scenario.

Same as the political scenario of a developing country like India, in response to such audacity act of a MP breaching the security system of Parliament films a video ,still probes continue .

Developed model town of a developing country, youths thrashed on the name of skinning a cow , no one focuses thats the how they earns bread for their families.

One day felt, humanity is lost then searched wikipedia for same and got Humanity is a virtue associated with basic ethics of altruism derived from the human condition.

Then got a answer, its not humanity which has been detoriating day by day, its human basic ethics.

Ethics is what you feel is right..Our moral principles which guide our behaviour.

So the very rarely common question , Does our ethics guides us to kill people on the name of whatsoever the reason ?

Why we are not ready to be human….among living creatures.

There is a no end of the blame game until we find and make basic ethics of humans alive.