Indian Alliance — Matrimonial dramas

Every other girl in world , dreams for a perfect and good wedding being a girl from India, me too had a dream of getting a nice and good life partner with a quite and cute wedding .

No doubt, I got the same although before marriage, gone through so many different alliance dramas. I don’t mind calling those hilarious instances — dramas.

One of the few alliance, The guy use to work in Dubai at the airport, I really don’t have idea about his education and knowledge. His family contacted mine through matrimonial site. He too spoken my parents, impressed them so easily by his influential tantrums. I worked in a hospital, as Assistant manager staying at Bangalore away from parents. Somehow, he managed to get my contact number from my parents. He started making me calls , boasting about his family , properties and his lifestyle and his salary. He used to blame India for not getting job at his place, Mumbai. India, Indian people, Indian states, Indian system, Indian politics , Indian economic status. The another day, I got irritated and asked my rommie to do something about him. She made a call to his family as an alliance and got to know he is a diploma in hotel management . The same day, he called and then I had a big discussion with him on our India. It was so important to make clear in the mindset of such people , India respects the deserving , honours the educated and knowledgeable person. Having a diploma degree one cannot get a position of CEO in a hotel or anywhere . One should have proper knowledge, skills and experience to run the show. And he ended up saying — I guess you have a boyfriend so you are doing all these things to cancel this alliance. I replied — I never seen such a jerk in life, I have so many boyfriends so get lost !!

One more Guy was personally invited by my mother, studying in IIT, Gandhinagar pursuing his Phd in computer science, if one talks about his knowledge and education would definitely feel great, although other side of coin states so dumb.

At night 10:40 pm, he made a call and asked — What is your philosophy of life. In a semi conscious mode, me answered — Are gonna give me a job or taking me as an intern in your life. I disconnected the call, before he make himself stand in front of my answer.

There were so many such instances which made me feel, oh god — Why people are so dumb, why they don’t believe in practical questions.

While searching for a life partner or soul mate : We should think about the practicality and reality of life. We should talk like friends , then bring up the topics to analyse and judge to stand on the ground of compatibility. We should focus on long terms. And by obvious, show the original you instead of showing the fake which is gonna end in few days or months cause you have to spend your entire life with him / her which is indeed a journey. At the end of life, its a spouse only who stays by your side.

And yes, I got a person in my life who stands with me, walks with me, smiles with me, understands me , tolerates all the stupidity of mine , cares of me.