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Mozilla India Planning Meet Up

A handful of mozillians , diversified places from different sub communities , Meet Up on 9th July 2016- 10th July 2016, Pune with an aim of Planning for Mozilla India Meet Up Aug 26th — 28th 2016 @ Pune.

Team constituted of leaders, contributors from different sub commuinities along with Mr.George Roter, Head of Core Contributors.

1 ) Mozz Meet Up, Pune -Day 1:

Marked by sessions from Haiyya based on self stories, evident based stories of own life to motivate and inspire other mozillians .

Aim to : strengthen the community through your participative and bold leadership style .

Discussion on Mozilla Perspective Future Goals, focuses on five important areas :

a. Firefox / Context Graph / Test Pilot .

b. Future of Platform / Servo.

c. Connected Devices.

d. Mozilla Issue Agenda and Advocacy.

e. Mozilla Leadership Network.

a. Firefox / Context Graph / Test Pilot :

  • Context Graph — a recommendation tool .
  • Activity stream , first context graph feature available in Test Pilot.

b. Future of Platform / Servo :

  • Mozilla wants to build a platform which serves as fully featured future generation brower engine and can influence the development of open Internet.
  • Gecko needs to be solid and stable.
  • Servo is under test run , written in Rust which is one of the key focus areas.

c. Connected Devices :

* Mozilla aims to create an open accessible platform for all , paves way to next important phase of internet.

d. Mozilla Issue Agenda and Advocacy :

Emphasis on :

  • Open Privacy and Security.
  • Open Innovation.
  • Decentralization.
  • Web Literacy.
  • Digital Inclusion.

Near term goals.

Online Privacy and Encryption.

Mid term Goals .

Privacy inclusive of literacy and large campaign towards openess of web.

Long term Goals.

Behavior change and policy change.

e. Mozilla Leadership Network.

A global community to support internet and shape up web in new innovative ways.Influencing Privacy, digital inclusion and web literacy along with enhancing the skills and motivating new youths as leaders.

MLN now categorised as :

  • Champions
  • Executives
  • Professionals
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Young Leaders.

Enlightening way towards learning, science , internet policy , women and web literacy, IoT which clearly impact on Network Alignment, Network Connectivity , Network size and members.

The first day of meet up ended with a wide and open discussion on community restructure.

2.) Mozz Meet Up, Pune- Day 2 :

The first part of second day of meet up dedicated towards Mozilla India community strategies.

Attendees were divided into groups and asked to derive strategies on few crucial areas i.e .

  • Training and workshop.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Team Building and Recognition.
  • Planning and Community Restructure.
  • Communication.

The day wrapped up with planning of next Mozilla India meet up , Aug which goes like :

a. ) Goals for the meet up

  • Develop a strategy, direction and plan for the future of Indian sub Communities.
  • Restructure the Mozilla India.
  • Focus on leadership and motivational areas.
  • Improve communication process and tools.
  • Build strong teams.
  • Build strong recognition practices.
  • Create Accountability systems and a code of conduct.
  • Build a plan for increasing diversity.

2.) Working Groups :

  • Communication : to update about the meet up to all .

Members : Biraj, Ashish, Siddhartha, Shaguftha.

  • Logistics : To make all logistic arrangement.

Members : Prathamesh, Chandrakant, Sayak.

  • Regional Coordination + Invitations : To follow up and work on invitations part.

Members : Mehul, Akhil, Viswaprasath.

  • Staff / Functional Coordination : To work in close coordination with mozilla staff and share status updates.

Members : Sayak, Anivar.

  • Documentation : To document entire meet up.

Members : Ankit, Kailas, Harsha.

  • Content / Facilitation : To work on agenda and broadcast the content which would be facilitated for the meet up.

Members : Mayur, Anup, Priyanka, Meghraj, Diwanshi.

  • Strategy / Structure for Mozilla India : Work on emails to call for proposals, suggestions. Make the suggestions open for the community for reviews and comments.Process, analyze and integerate the suggestions and declare the finalized structure.

Members : Deb, Vnisha, Prathamesh, Vineel, George.

Selection criteria


Next exiciting meet up coming soon !!

Bonne Chance Mozillians !!