Top Skills in 2020: The Future of Jobs

Future of Skills :

There is no denying the fact that as an industrial society we are at the brink of the fourth major revolution, the one which sees the amalgamation of digital intelligence with the physical work-space thereby yielding a cyber-physical reality. By 2020 our conventional offices will revolutionize into highly efficient workstations wherein automation and RPA will replace the bulk of human effort. The next five years would see a gradual phasing out of about 1.4 million jobs, and it is estimated that 35% of the skills that are considered important for job prospects today will be replaced with, well, the need of the hour. In order to survive the future job market, here is a list of skills that will ensure that your future CV looks as appealing as your present one:-

  • Creativity
    The importance of Creativity in a business environment cannot be emphasized enough. With most of the jobs involving heavy repetition and huge paperwork soon to be accomplished with the help of RPA, having a creative mindset would ensure longevity in the organisation along with chances to switch between technical and managerial ladders.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    The ability to be aware of and control one’s emotions, maintain interpersonal relationships, and segregate between personal and professional, giving equal time to both is a virtue in today’s world. It would be more so in tomorrow’s when the headcount in any organisation would be limited to a handful of highly efficient individuals working against the clock to achieve further cost advantages.
  • Cognitive Load Management
    Cognitive load is defined as the total amount of mental effort being used in the memory. With the vast amount of information generated due to digitization, the future jobs would demand the ability to differentiate and filter information according to importance, and to understand how to maximize cognitive functions such as reasoning, attentiveness, memorizing, comprehension etc.
  • Computational Thinking
    In a technological world, it is but obvious that a tech skill such as computational thinking would have an importance of its own. The ability to handle large volume of data, comprehend it, spot patterns, and make sense out of it is an asset that will add value to every CV in future.
  • Cross Cultural Competency
    The World around us is turning into a global village, “Glocal” as people call it. Adapting to a cross-cultural environment requires knowledge and motivation but once mastered it opens up a basket of opportunities, across borders and language barriers.
  • Social Intelligence
    It is going to take a long time for robots to be good at soft skills. The ability to connect with others on a personal level, to sense their mindset, stimulate desired reactions, and get them to cooperate with you is a skill set critical to human resource management, that would render you future proof.
  • Adaptability and Business Mindset
    In a fast changing environment, only the fittest survive. Work scenarios would see new problems emerging every day, and it would be hard to predict the future on paper. Thus the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment would ensure longevity in a job. Also the ability to negotiate with others to maximize profit and to put deals through on one’s own terms will play a key role in the versatility of an employee. So you now have your bucket list ready for the target skills set in order to make you future proof. You might have already mastered some of them, while others may require a fair input of dedicated efforts. So get set, get going!