I saw your name on Spotify.

You don’t have any social media. No Facebook. No instagram, except for photos of puppies.. Sometimes twitter, but because is political. I always kind of liked that. I work surrounded by people addicted to social media, so I liked that she didn’t give a shit about it. Because, ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Is all fake.

You where listening to Chaka Khan’s “What cha’ gonna do for me. Of course, Chaka. I’m wearing your “Got Chaka” shirt today (and so I did yesterday, and the day before, and every night since a week ago).

Today was a bad day. I painted a mural and the client wasn’t happy, so they hired an outside vendor to cover it up and repaint it. Now they’ve removed all my credit, want to pay me half and won’t let me add it to my site.

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