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A night out with your friends, you go to your favorite restaurant, and it starts off on a bad note right off the bat. The waiter leads you to a table for four on the roof. Doesn’t sound so bad, but you specifically asked for a table of six on the terrace when you called in the reservation. Things were going fine but then the waiter billed you for an extra appetizer that you never ordered. Seems like a total turn off. This wouldn’t have happened if your favorite restaurant had an effective POS software system.

Unavu Restaurant POS offer a number of features that facilitate your financial success and maintain the stability of your business’s infrastructure. The features include the following:

Easy to use: Unavu POS systems come with user friendly interface that are easily managed by the employees.

Stores Sales Information: You can enter the inventory codes in your system, either manually or automatically. Unavu POS provides you with all the updates about the historical sales.

Prices: Tracking the price is quite easy with Unavu POS systems. You can also manage percentage of cost, add-on amounts and margin percentage.

Product Information: All the inventory and receivable records are automatically updated once you enter a current sale into the system.

Secure: Most Point of Sale systems provide audit trails that keep track of every cent so that you can easily trace any problem that arises.

Taxes: Filing your taxes is facilitated with such systems. Your POS system can support numerous tax rates and so this function is also easily dealt by the software.

Full Service POS System

At your service, 24 hours a day, POS systems provides all the valuable services that are essential to keep running your business in a smooth manner. It provides you with the reports, charts and data that help in determining the targets and figuring out optimal ways to meet your needs.

Unavu POS provides the best POS system that facilitates better control of business. Its most valuable feature is its ease of use and flexibility to accommodate any service type. It also has a robust reporting engine to determine which products are selling, how many units have been sold and the projected sales for the current month.

The systems are also designed to provide full service to Restaurant. Customized features are provided according to the specifications of the customer. Once the employees get a hold of the technology, they’ll learn in just minutes how easy this software is to use. It lowers the operating costs and doesn’t require constant updates. Buying the Unavu Point of Sale system ensures that all your business related problems in this regard are over. The software is versatile and can run on a wide range of devices. Also Unavu Offers Free Live Demo for Restaurant POS App