Are you the type of author who could crowdfund their book?

Photo: Unsplash

Natasha Lodge has been looking at the process of crowdfunding. And asks the question authors should ask themselves…

So check this list and ask yourself if you qualify. These are in no particular order, and you don’t need them all, by any means, but they should give you an idea as to whether you’re going to find yourself suited to crowdfunding:

  • You have a social media following and presence
  • You talk to people on social media who aren’t people you know
  • You are a patient person
  • You like talking to strangers
  • You have a motivated and positive attitude
  • You have an original idea
  • You can follow advice
  • You can make an action plan and stick to it
  • You have friends and family who will definitely support you
  • You already know who your audience is likely to be
  • You want interaction between yourself and readers
  • You are prepared to provide unusual perks
  • You can talk with enthusiasm
  • You can balance promoting yourself with engaging equally with others