UNBOXING TALENT / Sales Operations Noam

Welcome to your Unboxable moment, Noam. To start, tell us three standout younger-Noam memories.

Have you always been in sales?

How has the field evolved over the years?

Leonardo de Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” which summarizes my approach to sales. The field has changed so much since I started.

Are there any previous roles that significantly impacted your career?

What big issues are people in sales roles battling with?

Resilience and learning how to deal with psychological stress is a crucial growth step for anyone who works in sales. Staying in control and not stressing about whatever could fall between the chairs is something that comes with experience and time.

Let’s move onto Unboxable. In what way does our mission to make great hiring decisions based on professional and, most crucially, relational fit resonate with you?

Unboxable is a gamechanger, especially for tech candidates. We’re building a revolution that’s long overdue.

The transparency of Unboxable’s Job Simulators is of its time and something candidates crave; a company sharing who they are from head to toe skips a lot of the bullshit that candidates have to go through in the first stage. Reaching the interview stage or even further, without understanding the basics like what the company’s values are or who they’ll be working with, creates a terrible experience for Talent.

What do you think makes you “unboxable”?

I’m extremely mission oriented, and I would describe myself as plasticine — being able to adjust to different types of situations and relate to a huge spectrum of people.

And finally, who is Noam when he’s not breaking ground in the sales world?

Exciting, congratulations!




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Prediction Hiring Platform. The new standard for hiring.

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