How To Reach Your Target Audience Using Video Marketing

Leverage All Social Channels

Use Social Media Intelligence Tools

Speak the Language of the Audience

Find Their Favourite Video Format and Stick to It

  • Humor videos — They are a killer idea if your company’s goal is promoting followership. This is because they build a wide audience very quickly through sharing on social platforms. If so, you should concentrate on making skits, parodies, or any other funny formats.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos — This video format resonates more with skeptics and B2B audiences. Let the audience get a glimpse of your daily operations, including the production process. If your product is a natural fruit juice drink, give the audience a sneak peek into the materials used, emphasizing the fact that no additives or sugars were used. Variations of this format include case studies and testimonials.
  • How-to videos — These video formats work best with customers who like taking on new challenges. It is a video format mostly used by businesses that are into beauty products, gadgets, and fitness gear among others.
  • Animation/Motion videos — This video format is perfect for customers who need education or motivation. This includes new customers, salespeople, bloggers, and students. Since educational videos can get boring with time, using animations can help the audience learn in a simplified and better relatable manner.

Summing It Up

  • Leverage video content on all social media channels.
  • Use social media intelligence tools to track your content performance.
  • Create video content that caters to your target audience.
  • Experiment with different video content formats.



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