Karla Monterrosa, the author of Unbraided.

Retrato de Jesus por Akiane Kramarik

En estos tiempos inciertos, nuestra necesidad de Jesús se vuelve aún más evidente, y nuestro sentido de urgencia se despierta.

Akiane Kramarik Painting of Jesus

In these uncertain times, our need for Jesus becomes even more apparent, and our sense of urgency awakens.

Karla Monterrosa con sus hijas

Karla, la autora de Desenredada: Transforma tu dolor en poder y propósito con su familia


Karla Monterrosa, Author of Unbraided

Those of us with paternal wounds may struggle to connect with God, the Creator, as our Heavenly Father — Why, and how can we bridge this gap?

They claim He is the bread of life.

Monterrosa and her mother at a recent Unbraided Life event.

Image of book cover, Unbraided Transform Your Pain to Power and Purpose by Karla Monterrosa

The world will tell you, “You do you boo” as though nothing else matters, as if you are inconsequential.

I went public with my most intimate pain, sins, and VICTORIES!

Karla B Monterrosa

I’m an author, speaker, spiritual director, and coach committed to helping women heal from abuse and thrive in their faith, family, and purpose. 👩🏻‍💻📚🎤

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