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Your life is not just about you.

Karla B Monterrosa
Nov 5 · 3 min read

The world will tell you, “You do you boo” as though nothing else matters, as if you are inconsequential.

The truth is that every choice you make causes a ripple effect not only in your own life but in the lives of those around you; your children’s, your spouses, and all of your closest relationships are affected by your choices. In fact, your life has ripple effects that impact not only your household but that of many others, some who you will never even know.

Your life is about every person that you were destined to influence in some way. Yes, God wants to save your soul, and give you and your entire household a beautiful life of peace and joy, here, now. But He desires and can do so much more. God is so big that one person simply cannot contain Him, His goodness spills out of His people into everything around them.

However, He can’t implement His plans for you (and them) until you choose to follow him. So, what are you waiting for, or what are you afraid of?

Are you worried that God will require you to change some behaviors, end some relationships, and become a better version of yourself?

Yes, that’s true. God will ask you to change some things; He requires a certain level of excellence in the lives of His people. God requires OBEDIENCE; but He also REWARDS it.

You don’t need to fear that change. You won’t be alone or doing it in your own strength.

Maybe you think that you are unable to change. Perhaps you tried changing various areas of your life without success already. I’m here to tell you that what has been missing is His strength in you. It is He who will develop you into that better version of yourself you wish you could be.

He is a patient and wise teacher.

God will guide you with patience and tender love one step at a time. First, He will change your heart (when you invite Him in). Then, He will reveal to you little by little the things you need to change in your life. Certain things will feel wrong for you. Next, He will give you the strength to change over time. Eventually, even your desires will shift (as you continue to follow Him). You will no longer want to do the things that you thought at first that you couldn’t give up because you have tasted the fruits and the rewards of doing things His way. You will want to preserve the freedom He gave you no matter the cost.
God promised to forgive you of all unrighteousness and to develop you into His perfect desires for you, but you must be a willing and active participant in that transformation.


You will have the impact you were created to have.

You will become the woman, wife, and mother that your family deserves.

HE WILL bring it about for you because HE LOVES YOU, and because HE LOVES ALL of us.

How many lives are waiting for your miracle, transformation, and influence so that God will do the same for them?

Your life is not just about you.

Are you ready for a life with renewed energy, unshakeable confidence, and unquestionable purpose?

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Unbraided: Transform Your Pain to Power and Purpose

Vulnerable, courageous, and deeply personal, Unbraided provides a path to experience breakthrough and healing from abuse. Using journaling exercises, biblical principles, and her one-of-a-kind 7 Steps Toward Healing framework, Unbraided is a reflective journey toward a life with renewed energy, unshakeable confidence, and unquestionable purpose.


Karla B Monterrosa

Written by

Mother | Survivor | Community Leader | Published Author of Unbraided: Transform Your Pain to Power and Purpose👩🏻‍💻📚🎤

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