Building Peace in Heart and Mind

All the human beings share the same need, which is peace. I too need peace, both peace of mind and heart. Why is it necessary? Because it can make us feel happier and content, and we don’t have to worry about it. To create peace, we don’t have to start with something big, sometimes small thing can have big effects.

Don’t overthink

People who tend to overthink things will never feel free. They will live under anxiety which is not good for themselves because it can cause stress. Most people don’t have self-confidence because their anxiety level is high. They will be afraid of what others think about them, whether it is good or not. Overthinking can also waste your time. If you find yourself overthinking trivial things then you are wasting the opportunity to do other things that probably can bring benefit for yourself.

Forgive each other

Forgiving is another good thing to build peace for your heart and mind, when you forgive others for what they have done to you, you will no longer feel the grudge that is kept inside your heart. You will feel relieved that your problems have been solved and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Stop expecting and start accepting

It happens frequently when our expectation is so much different from reality, and I believe it makes us sad when that thing happens. Someone who is never satisfied will never feel content. When something doesn’t meet our expectation, we keep on wanting more and more and we will try our best to reach our aim. At one point, it is a good thing. But, what if we try too hard and it hurts us? We force ourselves to reach our goals, we go hard on ourselves, and it stresses us out. Instead of reaching our aim, we get into hospital due to our high stress level – or we fall sick because of that.

To sum up, to build peace in our heart and mind, we don’t have to start with something grand. Always rememer, if you want peace then you got to start from your own self.

Do remind yourself that the only one who can control your peace is you, because you are in control of your peace, don’t let others control it.

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