What would you be doing now if you learned how not to quit?

Quitting: the lost section of Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life

One of the most unattended and at the same time highly recognizable conditions for every person anywhere is quitting. What I mean regarding quitting is that quitting is so pervasive in the world that few actually engage in mastering the benefits surrounding quitting. SEAL’s learned long ago that to be truly successful, you must face the depths of failure and the cause of all failure is quitting. Now in the business world I see the same problem … everyone quits.

I want to share with you the depth at which I have encountered quitting in my own life and the far reaches I have seen “quitting” show up in the lives of others. I held this section out of the manuscript when I presented it to Stacy for one simple reason, because quitting is so brutal and seductive that I personally felt opening up the “Pandora’s box” that surrounds quitting would turn off everyone who might read it. And, I didn’t want my wife, Stacy, to know how many times I quit on my men, on my kids, and on her. You must go through the lessons in the Unbreakable Lessons so that you have a real understanding of where I am coming from when reading about my raw truths on quitting. As you read these lost writings, my intent is that reading will open up your own “Pandora’s Box” and you will encounter how frequently you quit in all aspects of your own life, or even worse quit before you even start.

What would your life actually be like if you mastered not quitting? I often wonder, because after encountering quitting in my own life and being pushed in SEAL training to just never quit, I see and interact with all aspects of my life very differently than those around me who have not and will not encounter quitting. All of the thirteen Unbreakable Lessons were written for you to discover various wonderful tools you will need to grow in your life. These lessons, outlined in the book and our online curriculum, are tools to this final lesson … Just never quit on yourself.

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