letters — 1

Dear Stranger,

As a member of the human race and a citizen of ‘the world’ I feel as my only real gift unto humanity is kindness. My heart. My generosity. My ability to open myself up to anyone and everyone is my greatest asset. Hell, I’m sure I could even find cause to compliment the devil. This kind of blind compassion unfortunately puts me at odds with most of the world.

Odds with others, odds with jobs, odds with life. Not to say I’m a victim of any kind nor am I blaming any institution or specific entity for this feeling of being an outsider, but it exists none-the-less. I find it harder and harder to relate to those around me — my friends discuss meaningless distractions as if they are life or death. Casual acquaintances share details of their sex lives as if I were a lifelong friend. Passerby's fail to smile. Please and thank you are for total squares.

What has caused us to reach this point? When did kindness go out of style? Perhaps I was sleeping that day in class. I will ruminate on these questions and return with my findings, if any.

Asher Meridian