By Claudia Brauer | English version

A lo largo de nuestras vidas, llegamos a un punto en el que decimos qué puedo hacer para remediar tal o cual situación. Desafortunadamente, la mayoría de las veces terminamos haciendo “nada”. Inercia, falta de tiempo, ausencia de recursos, políticas deficientes, pautas escasas, programas incompatibles. Es fácil encontrar una razón para no involucrarnos. La lucha contra el cambio climático es uno de esos temas. A menudo, reconocemos la existencia de un problema, pero nos sentimos desesperanzados o no sabemos qué hacer al respecto, o cómo ser parte de la solución. Me gustaría abrir la…

By Laura O’Connor

Fighting climate change necessitates a global collective effort, and often requires engaging those who are impacted the most. If we look at the most vulnerable communities in the face of climate change, we often see some of the highest degrees of innovation and unlocked insight on addressing the issue. A prime example of this is the potential of women and girls in the global fight against climate change. Women and girls, specifically in developing communities, are some of the most highly-affected demographics in the wake of increasing natural disasters and volatile farming conditions, and there is plenty…

By Claudia Brauer

Throughout our lives, we sometimes come to a point where we say “what can I do” to remedy this or that situation. Unfortunately, most of the time we actually end up doing nothing. Inertia, lack of time, the absence of resources, deficient policies, scarce guidelines, inconsistent programs. We can always find a reason not to get involved. Tackling climate change is one of such subjects. Often, we acknowledge the existence of a problem, but feel hopeless or don’t know what to do about it or how to be part of the solution. I would like to open…

By Loic Tchinda | English version

Comment le changement climatique sera un germe de violence?

Permettez que l’on commence par un fait.

Le changement climatique n’est pas encore une cause directe des conflits.

Selon le rapport de l’ASDI (2017), le changement climatique n’a peut-être pas de relation claire et linéaire avec les conflits violents, mais dans certaines circonstances, ils [les changements liés au climat] peuvent influer sur les facteurs qui conduisent ou exacerbent les conflits. Cette relation est complexe, localisable et spécifique à chaque pays.

Historiquement, les conflits ont été principalement motivés par des divergences politiques et/ou idéologiques qui résultent…

By Loic Tchinda | French version

How climate change will be a seed for violence?

Let’s begin with a fact.

Armed conflicts are yet to find their direct causes from climate change

According to the SIDA report (2017), climate change might not have a clear and linear relationship with violent conflict but under certain circumstances, climate-related change can influence factors that lead to or exacerbate conflict. This relationship is complex, country-specific and localized within nations.

Historically, the main reason for violent conflict has been political and/or ideological differences which surface justification for violence. …

By Laura O’Connor

Corporate greed and environmental damage are often seen going hand-in-hand, leading some to believe that corporatization is incompatible with creating a sustainable and green economic ecosystem. There is, however, a plethora of room for optimism in this regard. Many corporations and large businesses have put forth sustainability measures and taken other steps towards green-policies, targeting certain areas and advancing certain communities towards a more sustainable outlook. Let’s explore some key economic sectors; specifically transportation, fashion and energy, and their green initiatives, and examine how they can be expanded upon and imitated by other businesses.

First, let’s talk…

Doddy S. Sukadri

The last session of the COP24 climate change negotiations in Katowice, Poland has been postponed several times because more than 100 Ministers and more than 1,000 negotiators tried to overcome their differences on how the ‘Rulebook of Paris’ can be implemented in each country. After a heated debate, the COP24 Conference, which was supposed to be completed on Friday, December 14, 2018, was closed on Sunday morning December 16 at 0.33 Katowice time.

Three years ago in Paris all countries agreed to withstand a rise in global temperatures to below 2 ° C above pre-industrial temperatures, and…

By Laura O’Connor

Feminine hygiene is a topic at the centre of the convergence of gender equality and climate change initiatives. In North America, feminine hygiene products amount a massive amount of waste, with 11 billion sanitary products being disposed of annually within the continent, according to this publication produced by Harvard’s Technology and Information Management faculty. The footprint of this waste cannot be understated. …

By Laura O’Connor

The philosophical discourse surrounding environmental preservation and sustainability have only recently become mainstream discussions, coinciding with the rise of climate change and a growing need for waste reduction. However, countless branches of traditional knowledge, stemming from traditional Indigenous storytelling and spirituality, allows us to trace back environmentalism to millenniums ago (12,000 to be exact!). It’s important to acknowledge the diversity within the umbrella term “Indigenous,” which comprises a total of 250 to 300 million people, from all corners of the earth. This being said, there are overlapping traditional philosophies that carry valuable knowledge about environmentalism and low-impact…

Et ce que nous pouvons faire aujourd’hui pour empêcher cela

Par Loic Tchinda| English version

Deux heures. C’est le temps qu’il m’a fallu pour compléter le cours en ligne sur les enfants et les changements climatiques offert par UN CC: e-Learn. Ces deux heures d’engagement interactif avec le contenu du cours m’ont fait comprendre que l’indolence d’aujourd’hui me coûte la santé et la survie de mes futurs enfants. En d’autres termes, ces deux heures ont totalement changé mon point de vue sur les implications du changement climatique pour les générations futures.

Photo de Loren Joseph sur Unsplash

Au moment de m’atteler à l’écriture de cet article, je craignais de devoir vous assommer d’un tas de statistiques…

UN CC:Learn

We Invest in People and Learning for a Climate Resilient and Green Transition. #ClimateChange #Education #UnitedNations

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