Doddy S. Sukadri

The last session of the COP24 climate change negotiations in Katowice, Poland has been postponed several times because more than 100 Ministers and more than 1,000 negotiators tried to overcome their differences on how the ‘Rulebook of Paris’ can be implemented in each country. After a heated…

By Laura O’Connor

The philosophical discourse surrounding environmental preservation and sustainability have only recently become mainstream discussions, coinciding with the rise of climate change and a growing need for waste reduction. However, countless branches of traditional knowledge, stemming from traditional Indigenous storytelling and spirituality, allows us to trace back environmentalism…

Et ce que nous pouvons faire aujourd’hui pour empêcher cela

Par Loic Tchinda| English version

Deux heures. C’est le temps qu’il m’a fallu pour compléter le cours en ligne sur les enfants et les changements climatiques offert par UN CC: e-Learn. Ces deux heures d’engagement interactif avec le contenu du cours m’ont fait comprendre que l’indolence d’aujourd’hui me coûte la…

UN CC:Learn

We Invest in People and Learning for a Climate Resilient and Green Transition. #ClimateChange #Education #UnitedNations

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