By: Brett Harris, William Ke, Sadaf Nawabjan

Photo by Francesco Luca Labianca on Unsplash

Episode 1: Welcome to Chapel Hill

The working group meets, and Sadaf and her companions share their perspectives on their travels in the US.

Episode 2: Elections & Federalism

Will takes us on a deep dive into the logistics of elections and election administration in the US and Germany.

Episode 3: Federalism & Multilevel Governance

Sadaf describes the differences between American and German federalism, and explores the differences in concepts of sovereignty between the US and the EU.

Episode 4: Federalism & Minority Rights

As the boys pack up for their trip to Berlin, Brett and the group consider how federal systems can support or hinder efforts to govern diverse constituencies.

Episode 5: Americans in Berlin

The group reunites in Berlin, and Will and Brett discuss their experiences in Berlin with Sadaf and Setenay.