Balancing privacy and anonymity has security consequences

Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.

— Eric Hughes, The Cypherpunk Manifesto

Unchained Capital offers collaborative custody: a superior approach to security that combines the control of self-custody with the benefits of a managed financial service. Collaborative custody allows users to control private keys and to create redundancy by distributing keys among known and trusted participants.

At Unchained Capital, we value Bitcoiners who choose to remain anonymous, and we recognize that privacy and anonymity are distinct, requiring different approaches. …

Large exchanges and financial services providers such as Unchained Capital rely on industry best practices such as 100% cold-storage, multisig, and multi-factor identity verification. Unfortunately, it’s been challenging for individuals to achieve this same level of security and reliability for themselves.

That changes today. We are excited to announce the release of our new vault product. Unchained vaults make these best practices accessible to individuals, small funds & businesses through our easy to use website. All you need to get started is a hardware wallet (or two!).

Unchained vaults use dedicated, on-chain bitcoin multisig addresses. You get to control who…


  • In crypto-backed lending, the biggest concerns for borrowers/lenders is how Bitcoin or Ethereum collateral is secured, especially the counterparty risk and centralization when trusting a single-institution.
  • To reduce these risks, Unchained Capital has released an enhanced multi-signature, multi-institution security model for custody of loan collateral. Three parties — borrower, Unchained Capital, and a third party key agent — together hold keys. Collaboration between any two parties is required to sign transactions and move loan collateral.
  • Borrowers can use Trezor or Ledger hardware wallets to upload their public key and interact with this multi-signature, multi-institution quorum.

New Assets Require Novel Custody Solutions

One of the distinguishing…

We are excited to release a new version of our Ethereum multisig smart contract. This release adds support for Ledger hardware wallets and was re-audited by the security firm Hosho.

After the Parity hacks of 2017, we were extremely suspicious of complicated, unaudited, unmaintained multisig smart contracts. We needed a smart contract designed for simplicity, security, and native-interoperability with the hardware wallets we use to protect funds in our business.

We decided to write our own Solidity contract to implement 2-of-3 multisig against hardware wallets. In Spring 2018 we released and open sourced this contract alongside a dapp (see our…

Unchained Capital does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

2017 saw significant growth in the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you’re like a lot of investors, you’ve both bought and traded, and hopefully gained from each strategy. But with gains come taxes. Paying taxes on your crypto gains can be a frustrating and confusing process. The…

Since 2017, borrowers have been able to apply for an Unchained Capital loan and get the cash they need without selling their appreciating crypto assets. Today, we are excited to officially launch our customer referral program.

How does it work?

For each new customer you refer who closes a loan within 6 months, Unchained will pay you a percentage of the referred borrower’s principal amount. All current Unchained customers are eligible to participate in the referral program. Email us to get started!

How does Unchained’s referral program stack up?

Unchained Capital Raises Seed Round

We’re excited to announce our seed round funding of $2.995m, including $595k converted from SAFE notes.

Our investors for this round include Michael Komaransky, formerly of Cumberland Mining; Brian Spaly, co-founder of Bonobos and Trunk Club; Mike Erwin of Ecliptic Captal; and Ezra Galston of Starting Line

It is our privilege to work with these great investors.

Michael Komaransky, a pioneering bitcoin trader and investor, Mike Erwin, a veteran Austin investor, and Ezra Galston, an early VC in the crypto space, will also be joining our board. …

Background - Two months ago, Unchained Capital released an open-source Ethereum multisig smart contract which is directly signable by Trezor hardware wallets.

Previous Ethereum multisig implementations were overly complex and lacked test coverage (Parity hacks of 2017, 1st, 2nd). Our goal was to create a secure multisig Ethereum vault to support collateralized lending against ETH.

We offered a $150k bug bounty program to root out any potential issues. We also retained Hosho — a leading Blockchain security firm — to audit and validate our contract. The results:

Our bug bounty and security audit were uniformly positive, and found no flaws.

Unchained Capital is pleased to announce that after receiving our California Finance Lender’s License earlier this month, we are now offering crypto-secured loans to consumers and businesses in California.

We’ve gotten a lot of inbound interest from crypto holders in California, so we’re very excited to expand our operations into this market. This moves us one step closer to ensuring all holders are able to take advantage of their ownership in the short-term while remaining in the crypto market.

At Unchained Capital, we are committed to providing financial services to long-term crypto holders and entering new markets in which we…

tl;dr — Unchained Capital has released an open-source Ethereum smart contract implementing 2/3-multisig designed to directly interface with Trezor hardware wallets.

If you have a Trezor, you can try this contract right now, for free, via our hosted dApp.

Developer? Hacker? Paranoiac? Check out the source code on GitHub and review our bug bounty.

Details below!

What is multisig and why use it?

In theory, cryptocurrencies can be one of the safest ways to store wealth. By safeguarding a short list of English words, anyone can protect millions of dollars in wealth and rest assured that no hacker or government can take it from them. …

Unchained Capital

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