Design Gurus Summit Panel Descriptions

Is traditional branding dead? What’s the best way to design enterprise software? How do you design a conversational user interface? And more…

Come learn from top Silicon Valley designers, thinkers and thought leaders who will share their insights on topics including product design, user experience design, design for emerging platforms, branding, marketing, creativity, entrepreneurship, design-driven startups, creative inspiration, and more. Get 20% off tickets here >

All three panel descriptions now are now live. Take a look below.

Branding for the 21st Century and Beyond

Is traditional branding dead? Has social media nullified the power of televised narrative storytelling and the 30-second spot? Is the user experience now the brand narrative? Most agree that branding has evolved significantly in this century over the last. But, few agree on what approach to now take in the 21st century. Our panel of experts will discuss how branding has been impacted by social media, the decline of television and the emergence of new platforms. Find out what top companies do to make their brand a competitive advantage.


Jackie Lamping, VP Marketing, Sojern


Jessica Gaddis, Product Designer, Enterprise Platforms. Netflix

Stephanie Engle, Product Designer, VR & Immersive Media, Facebook

Kevin Fremon, Co-Founder & Design Director, Twenty20

Alex Anderson, Creative Strategy Lead — Design, Airbnb

Jess Karle, Digital Design Lead, Everlane

Not Stodgy Anymore, Product Design for the Enterprise

In the early days of enterprise software, the user interface was an afterthought. Selling into the C-level meant that the user experience needed only to function. That’s no longer true today. The runaway success of platforms like Slack and Asana show how important the user experience has become. This, in turn, has created numerous opportunities for user experience design professionals. Our panel of B2B software design experts will discuss how they get the balance right between features, ease of use, and creating a romantic experience that sells.


Gregory Kennedy, Co-Founder, Uncharted Minds


Thor Ernstsson, CEO and Founder, Alpha (former Zynga)

Puneet Lath, Product & Consumer Success Lead, Expensify

Jina Anne, Lead Design, Salesforce

Sarah Federman, Experience Designer, Adobe

Pazit Kagel, Lead Designer, SAP Silicon Valley Innovation Center, SAP

The End of the Smartphone and the Future of UI Design

The smartphone era has taken the internet to its logical conclusion, a supercomputer in everyone’s pocket connected to a vast network of information in the cloud. But what’s next? Conversational interfaces are proliferating and with good reason. Language is a distinctly human trait and our deep capacity for communications is arguably what has made our species so successful. On this panel, our team of experts explore the future of interface design, chatbots and will perhaps answer the question, will we be having conversations with our computers in the near future?


Gregory Kennedy, Co-Founder Uncharted Minds


Wesley Yun, Design Council KPBC / GoPro

Stefan Kojouharov, Founder and Editor, Chatbot’s Life

Pamela Jue, Lead Experience Designer, Capital One Labs

Karl Carstensen, Principal Design Technologist, Frog Design

Aruna Balakrishnan, Design Research Lead, Dropbox Dropbox