Dear New Girl

So you’re the new girl? He’s clingy. Some days you’ll love it, some days you won’t. He loves to keep you close so whenever you’re in public, never get too shy to be seen with him. He likes seeing his love smile, so do it. Laugh at his jokes. Throw him insults and kiss him ‘til he knows you mean the opposite. Sometimes you’ll catch him staring at you, his eyes full of awe, and when you do, smile back. He’ll love it and smile back. And I tell you, that, by far, is the most heartmelting gesture he ever does. He likes to hold hands, so hold his hands no matter how sweaty it becomes. He’ll give you flowers, keep them and tell him you love them. He’ll give you flowers everytime. He doesn’t care if you physically hurt him, because it’s you. But always be sorry when you see the scars you caused him. He likes tucking your hair, smile at him while he’s at it. He resembles a girl. Write him little notes saying how much you love him or just a good luck for the game or examination. If he could be, he’d be with you 24/7. So when you’re together, always make the most of it. He gets jealous easily, you’ll love it. He’ll be your best friend and boyfriend, at the same time. Treat him how he should be treated. Give him silly kisses. Give him pecks on the lips. Kiss his cheeks. He’ll love it. He’ll fucking love it. Tell him how much you love him. Show him. Because I never knew how, I never did.

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