“ We’ll name this blog post in a while…”

I want the money, cars and the clothes…. The hoes I suppose I just wanna be successful (yes thats not the lyrics I paraphrased bite me lol) but from that you can get the jist of where this is going…. Do those things make you succesful ? So it doesn’t matter how you get your money you just want these things… because they equate to success….

Now I work with young people and their young minds are just as corrupt about those things Trey Songz was singing about in that hook if not worse…. I’m talking designer clothes etc theyre losing their childhoods earlier and earlier. Anyways these young people go school have all this pressure thrown at them from every angle I’m talking mass amounts of homework, detentions, classwork, more homework afterschool clubs…. All this with a side helping of rules that are so stiff and unflexible they have no space to move…. And to top it off puberty isn’t exactly everyones friend lol…. So imagine what thats doing to their mental wellbeing…. So now theyre falling behind and being told theyre going to be failures damn now theres expectations of them on top of everything else…. But they just want to be successful

Now this is where the drug dealers and the fraudsters come into play…. We see success as the material things in life clothes cars etc and what do these people have those exact items that we value as success the flashy stuff…. They got the butter baby thats what they have the stuff that doesn’t appreciate with time because it needs to be renewed but the young people dont see that…. They dont see the inside of the outer shell merely the gold plated outside…. So they get sucked in…. Now we got runners as young as 11 12 going to a countryside destination to sit in a flat and sell drugs for a couple hundred pounds all for what some balenciagas….

What makes it worse is I can’t even blame these kids cause I blame us adults we don’t feed dreams no more we feed stats and believe grades are the be all and all and theyre not…. Anyways the young person feels theyre failing and look around for what can make them look successful and ding ding ding you see someone from your local area who looks like hes made it and there they are your local fraudster and drug dealer…. Willing to show this young person the route to fast money, fast cars and women who will let you blow their back out and run up their milage just to be seen with you…. And now we got the next gen of future drugs dealer and fraudster…. But what none of these kids see is this fast money isn’t all glitz and glamour I mean damnnnn prison isnt a nice place and neither is the B&B you will have to lay low in whilst police or other drug dealers are looking for you…. What about the safety of your family ? Even that gets put into question…..

Plus the top has an expiration date and when that times expired its either death prison your mums sofa or youre in your baby mums house getting violated by her because that money she was attracted to is no longer around and shes grabbed the power shift with both hands and is now giving you hell whilst serving you tesco microwave mash with chicken nuggets lol…. I don’t know man maybe if we loosened the reins on these young people and gave em freedom to be what they wanted they wouldnt follow such paths…. I slyly blame you females too not once have I heard you say a man like bill gates is attractive and hes one of the richest men ever and he’s plainer than the T-shirt I’m wearing now … no you like the flashy flashy type with short term goals but hey who am I to judge you lol we all sinners baby….

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