Working out. Again!

Photo by Kristian Olsen.

I am slowly approaching the age of forty. I keep lying to myself saying, “I am in better shape than most men my age”.

Looking at me, most of you would probably agree with this statement. My physique, combined with the clothes I wear, can make it appear that I am fit.

I know the truth. Once I was fit. I could run any length at a constant tempo. Although I was fit I was also very thin. Today I lack energy and even getting up off the couch or chair is a struggle.

I’m not overweight according to the height to weight standards found on any medical website. At one time I struggled putting on weight and now it slowly keeps increasing as well as the size of my beer gut. I can still be called thin when you look at my skinny legs and arms.

A few years back I was working out with weights. I did it briefly but long enough to start getting some shape. I was developing an eating habit where I didn’t need a clock to know it was time to eat. I would get sleepy and a little cranky, I would check my watch and realize it was time to eat.

I stopped for some reason. I get bored easily. Most people today are used to having their focus pulled in multiple directions, I am no different. Working out was my “new thing” and I stopped once I felt bored.

I am good at find excuses as well. I would tell myself that I am in better shape then most people my age, heck even those younger than me. The truth is I have been in better shape and could be in great shape today if I hadn’t stopped.

I have made the decision to change (yep again). I will get my gym membership back and get this body back into shape. I have an appointment with my physician to give me the okay to start working out again. I even contacted a close friend of mine who works out constantly and at one time was a trainer.

I have read that eighty percent of getting and staying fit is a diet. Diet is not the right word to use when you are considered thin. I will say eating plan instead of diet. Why do I want to do it though?

Other than looking good I do this for two big reasons, energy and my children. There are no guarantees on how long we will live on this earth. That statement can be the door for some people to do whatever they want because life is short. To me the statement means that if you do whatever you want you’re more likely to leave this earth sooner.

I want to be here as long as I possibly can for my loved ones. In order for this to happen I need to remain healthy and it begins with eating properly and working out. I know myself though.

I need to remain motivated. I know excuses will start popping up and keeping me from working out. I need help. I ask those who have had similar struggles, “What are your motivations to keep on track”?

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