A canker beyond the Black Stars

As pointless as this Black Stars win is, I guess we have no option but to celebrate as patriotic citizens.

I believe the time is right for me to get some things off my puny chest. Once again, felicitations to the boys who remained objective and blasted five goals past Congo considering the sticky situation we’re in at the moment. Those who had ‘food poisoning’ and so couldn’t make the trip to Congo can take their congratulations from the nurses and the other hospital staff (speedy recovery to Jordan if it’s real…lol). Anyway, I anticipate many have come into consensus with the poignant reality that we won’t be cheering on our men at Russia 282 days from today. The ‘football arithmeticians’ may still have their chalk and markers in hand but I don’t. I don’t see the point in crunching numbers in my daydream while telling myself ‘everything will be alright’ only for history to repeat itself. What history, one may ask?The history of players ENTITLED to be called up rather than allowing form to be the major deciding factor. The history of fielding such players because they, at a point in time, achieved a feat which is so enormous that we can’t move on and concentrate on the bigger picture. The history of such players justifying my doubts and frustrations by disgracing themselves on the field of play while hindering the progression of able personnel on the bench. The history of Ghanaians recycling their anger and pleas which seem to be taking forever to be perused. The history of coaches being re-assigned their jobs once again after being made scapegoats when failure beckoned.

Do I see myself relieving such experience again? Well, you bet I don’t! Our mentality of taking action only when the stakes are high is reaaaally doing us good, isn’t it? Smh. Some may lament the draw against Congo all they want but I for one see it as a big blessing if the proper action is taken. Aside tearing down the country’s football governing body from head to toe, the next sensible path to take it to dump our attitude of waiting for stuff to happen rather than creating our own opportunity doors. It was no rhetoric when the Bible said ‘faith without works is dead’. What are we doing as far as grooming talents and nurturing future world-class players are concerned? For years now, all we do is sit around and wait for the recurrent miracles of decent Ghanaian players popping out of nowhere to conceal the malodorous failure hovering over our state-funded ‘academies’ (can someone even tell me how many of those are still in existence?). When will we not wait for the Owusu-Abeyies, the Kevin-Prince Boatengs et al to save face for us, moving forward? When will stakeholders stop monopolizing positions and the government politicizing the beautiful game? When will the coach and his technical team actually get to call the shots? And, finally, when will we as a nation stop celebrating mediocrity?

I have landed!


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