Configuration files (configs) are an integral part of most applications, but practice shows that they are far from being the most popular topic of discussion. Conversations about configs are mostly limited to discussing working with them directly in the code: how to structure them, whether or not using environmental variables, where to store passwords etc.

In my view, there is another side to working with configs that deserves attention — deployment. Over the course of my career, I have seen quite a number of ways of deploying configs. …

Our team develops several products, Badoo and Bumble, two of the world’s largest dating and connection applications. For both, we have a web version (desktop and mobile) and mobile applications (Android and iOS). With more than millions of users, it’s important for us to gather client-side errors, and for this we use a system of our own code-named Gelato. …

Eugene Tupikov

Software engineer at Bumble (PHP/Go/Js)

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