[Illustration by Nathan Gelgud]

I’m getting worried, people.

We’re now living in Donald Trump’s America. A businessman/former reality show host who has no political experience and can best be described as egotistical, duplicitous, megalomaniacal and straight-up sheisty is now the President-elect of the United States. Somehow, a man who has filed bankruptcy several times, refused to show the public his tax returns, been caught on tape saying he’s powerful enough to grab women by the pussy and has at least 75 lawsuits currently against him or his companies is now our Commander-in-Chief.

But, oddly enough, I’m not worried about Trump. He’s just one dude and, judging from how the man has been looking dumbfounded and anxiety-ridden as of late, as he’s had to sit with people he mercilessly dragged during his campaign and painfully try to give off a presidential vibe, I feel he’s beginning to realize he’s in way over his head. I have a feeling he’s doing everything he can not to look like an idiot, even though, as evidenced by that call he made to president of Taiwan over the weekend, it just seems to come natural to him.

No, I’m worried more about the people who put him in office, the men and women who are ready to follow their leader into Hell: the Trump supporters. Pardon my French, but these muhfuckas here!

Trump supporters are a new, advanced breed of ignorant — or, as my peoples back home would say, ignant. The people who came out and voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton are people who seem to be unconcerned by the red flags that popped up all through Trump’s campaign and voted for a man they believe will Make America Great Again.

Unfortunately, a lot of these people are racist, ignorant and utterly unhinged. Every few weeks or so, a video circulates on the Interwebs of some Trump supporter making an ass out of him or herself, proudly proclaiming their love for their new leader and virtually alienating everybody within earshot. The most infamous one as of late is of a guy on a Delta flight calling out the “Hillary bitches” for not voting for his man. (He was later banned for life from Delta, which means there is a good chance he’ll be stuck flying Southwest with the rest of us niggas!)

Not all of them are nutjobs. The LA Times recently did a piece where they talked to a number of Trump supporters who, even though they had some sketchy, disagreeable beliefs, at least seemed level-headed. As much as the Times tried to give sane Trump voters their time to shine, they failed to acknowledge those other Trump supporters — you know, the scary ones — who are making people like me afraid of the future. (I know some Trump supporters would argue that those people don’t represent Trump supporters as a whole, but wouldn’t you say the same thing about the rioters, crackpots and other bad apples who say they represent the Black Lives Matter Movement, an otherwise-meaningful movement which has constantly been pegged as a hate group because of these people?) Those loudmouths are usually disgruntled white folk who seem to be glad a white dude is back in office again. (They’re also glad they don’t have to answer to a woman president, because, for some reason, men still have a problem taking orders from a woman.) After eight years of Barack Obama, a man who has done everything humanly possible to prove to these people that he’s not a socialist, Muslim terrorist (a falsehood our President-elect supported, BTW), they’re glad things are going back to normal.

But things aren’t going back to normal, whenever the hell that was. Things are only getting more extreme — and extremely stupid. Just this weekend, an assault rifle-carrying guy from the state I’m living in (at the moment!) went into a D.C. pizza shop and squeezed off a few rounds to see if there was a Hillary-sanctioned child sex ring being operated out of there. (There wasn’t.) It appears that if you create a false conspiracy theory online called #Pizzagate and if it’s circulated enough times on Facebook, gun-toting people will ultimately believe the shit. And, sadly, Facebook is where the ignorant gets their ignorance from, as fake news stories from fake news sources get passed around to the point where people hold it up as fact. Haven’t these people figured it out by now that Facebook is a place where people bullshit each other 24/7, full of selfies and posts by poseurs who say they’re living good, but are really broke and living with their momma? Hey, I love Facebook, but I’d sooner get the news from a homeless crackhead walking down the streets with no pants on, muttering about how Jesus is gonna come back and buy McRib sandwiches for everyone.

Unfortunately, we have a president who has often circulated those fake items himself on Twitter. Even though dude won the election, he’s still trying to keep the farce that is voter fraud alive, recently tweeting that millions of people voted illegally even though he has absolutely no evidence to back up that claim. And therein lies the problem: we have a president who’s a total ignoramus. A man who both speaks and tweets with equal, fabricated velocity, Trump is always ready to say something he shouldn’t be saying, mainly because he has no idea what he’s talking about. His supporters don’t care, because they don’t know what he’s talking about either. They’re just as ill-informed as he is. It is literally the blind leading the blind.

And that’s what worries me — the United States of America is being represented by an incompetent egomaniac and his confederacy of dunces. He’s not just bringing out the willfully, blissfully ignorant, people who go on CNN and spout nonsense to the point where the reporter gives the “Bitch, you for real?” look. He’s also bringing out the bad element: racists, neo-Nazis, white nationalists — or, as they’re now called, the “alt-right.” (That term always puzzled me; they’re not an alternative to the conservative right, they’re an extreme example of it. Shouldn’t they call themselves the “extreme right”?) They are proudly linking themselves up to the xenophobic Trump, who doesn’t so much as denounce them but basically keeps them in the friend-zone. They’ve all come together to form a union that’s more irrational and unsettling than the Beyhive.

It’s kinda sad the more I think about it: Americans who feel that they’ve gotten the short end of the stick these past eight years are now supporting a man who basically conned them in order to get into the White House. He fed them promises of building a wall to keep away Muslims, getting rid of Obamacare and putting his presidential opponent in jail. Now, it looks like dude had his fingers crossed behind his back this whole time, as he continues to go back on these promises. These gullible bastards have virtually convinced themselves that Donald Trump will do right by them, even though it’s becoming obvious he said whatever the hell he could just to get into office. And now, he’s the clueless, nervous-looking President of the United States, a country full of people who are just clueless and nervous-looking as he is.

If Donald Trump goes these next four years without inspiring another gotdamn Civil War, where people of color, the LGBTQ community and other minorities have to square off against angry, stubborn, not-well-read conservative folk, then I’ll gladly say he did an okay job as President. But until then, hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husbands, ‘cuz these Trump supporters look like they raping everybody out there!