First thoughts

Thinking I’d start scribbling down my thoughts, ideas and goals to keep myself accountable to my future self. I’m also keen to improve my English and increase big-picture productivity.

Today’s the first day of the rest of my life, as per usual. I’ve been focusing on the potential acquisition of an online clothing brand and everything that it involves. Still waiting for my offer to get accepted and we’ll take it from there, hopefully everything will be signed and transfer of ownership initiated within 24h. The framework for re-branding, re-designing, content aggregation and the first quarter of business operations currently sits in a simple document on my MacBook. Really stoked to see this project come to life, I definitely feel like the perfect mix of opportunity, luck & timing has landed in my lap.

I feel inspired from the pressure, feeling motivated to prove my self-worth, and I feel grateful that my previous self has set me up for this amazing opportunity.

Viva la vida loca in my own way you know.

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