The Tyranny of Agile
Jennifer Pahlka

I have a mixed bag of service design and technology background and I try to avoid most of those terminologies as many have been used under different names in different areas, e.g. design not technology for the last 15 years or more.

The big thing we are really fighting here is a business model, that moved itself into a silo-ed dead-end street in the name of efficiency(read reducing costs) for higher margins. That’s the thing to fight.

We live in what I like to call the ‘Age of the Connector’ where we need to use deconstruction to make businesses and institutions flexible again, then rewire and re-connect. So its not a simple ‘connect-everything’ world. Rather the opposite.

Introducing something like agile or lean is introducing this deconstruction as a valid way forward. In theory and if done right, this desconstruction and re-wiring will then create the increased value in terms of efficiency, but more importantly the new opportunities and revenue streams that will be our future.

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