The Sad State of Job Titles
Tony Stubblebine

‘In other words, Unicorn could be a normal career path.’ Yeah, not going to happen any time soon. By definition and heritage, we are still a specialist culture. People love silos too much. Just like people are still struggling with that service thing. BTW ever heard of T-Shaped people?

In general, those new job titles only show you how much in trouble an industry is. So please go away with getting excited about creative technologists or innovations something or using the word hacker. None of these people apart from a handful ever accounts to more than the same people plus added attitude and a spoonful of ignorance.

Any step forward will likely and is already coming from a small minority and outside any given industry that is struggling.

It is hard to find the right people that can help you. It takes buy-in to wanting to change and it is crucial to create the right processes and environment for this to work. It is indeed like buying a bunch of orchids in comparison of planting an apple tree.

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