Smart Island, Martha’s Vineyard

One of the first Smart Islands. How about that?

Currently working on The Things Network, I met Patrick Phillips from on Martha’s Vineyard.

The island has various challenges around climate and biodiversity, where Patrick believes the Internet of Things could contribute to the efforts of the community and economy on the island. Their first pilot will be focused on setting up an array of oxygen, nitrogen and turbidity sensors in the local estuaries and harbors to help monitor water quality.

As he describes:

“Nitrogen increases invasive algae, decreases oxygenation and as a result reduces aquatic biodiversity, which shocks the natural biome. Fish and shellfish die, bird and other natural life suffer. Providing the Island with the sensor data accelerates decision-making which can reduce the threat to the coastal biome.
Deploying The Things Network, we will provide an open, community-owned island-wide LoRa network with a small footprint and able to cover the whole island with very few gateways.”

HereLab, will help enable the community to action the data from sensors, actuators and beacons.

“It is about listening to the island and its people. The Things Network helps make it all possible.”

And the benefits wouldn’t stop there. HereLab already sees a multitude of other applications, using the same The Things Network as the core infrastructure.

“As a second step, we hope to further those services by building more affordable sensors and supporting local farmers and fishermen with an expanded and proven network.”

The Things Network’s first Smart Island, how exciting indeed.

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