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Register for an upcoming lecture

Check here each month for the registration link.

300 spaces are available for the live lecture Zoom. Registration will close when capacity is reached.

Previous Lecture Recordings

July Lecture: Land of the Free featuring Jasmyne Henderson and Brittney Butler

August Lecture: Taking Up Space featuring Dr. Arrianna Planey

September Lecture: Same Script, Different Caste featuring Paul Cuadros

November Lecture: Disabusing Disability featuring Dr. Oluwaferanmi Okanlami

Pre-Readings & Supplemental Materials

Juneteenth Lecture, June 16, Dr. William Sturkey

Land of the Free Lecture, July 1, Attorney Jasmyne Henderson & Brittney Butler, PhD (c), MPH

Taking Up Space Lecture, August 5, Dr. Arrianna Planey

Lecture slides are available for download at this link

Interrogating Status Quo Lecture, October 5, Kendra Johnson and Rebby Kern (Equality NC)



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28 Ob/Gyn physicians at the University of North Carolina

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