Our Story…

By: Julianna Castro


Little did I know how big a part you played in my life. Before you were just a dream that was too far to reach. Now you’re as real as air, your touch as sweet as honey, your voice as soothing as the wind on my skin. We were kids, and you were the new boy next door, the quiet one in the corner, the loner in the shadow. I was the typical popular girl who was respected by everybody and questioned by nobody. I barely even knew you exsisted, I barely even knew you were there, but you were there, and you’ve always been there. How different our lives have changed, our fortunes reversed, our life and interchanged. But you were still there for me even as we grew up. Comforting me through my troubles as we got older. As you got more succesful, I was struggling to find a job. Now I tell these people how our story began.