you’re just another well-meaning foreigner trying to tell Americans what we believe and why we should throw away fundamental rights,
The Reason video explains the basic problem with enacting “common sense gun reform” in the US.
Jay Maynard

I’ve lived in the USA for the better part of the past six years. For the past two years I have suffered under the yoke of taxation without representation, and have paid more tax in the past twelve months than many people pay in five times the time. So I’m more than a well-meaning foreigner. I am subject to the dictates of this country and its laws and its cultural norms. While it’s entirely possible that I could just ‘go home’, I don’t intend to. Not yet. And until then, I consider I have as much right to weigh in on this as any other tax-paying American. The only difference is, I don’t get to interact with your political or judicial systems. I just get to sit on the sidelines and be subject to them.

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