This is an age of stagnation. Of broken dreams and thwarted expectations. What is stagnating is not just “the economy” — but us. Our possibilities and potential, the lives that we should be living.
Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

This is a particularly Western, dare-I-say US-centric world-view. I spend time in the MENA region, and Twitter is still doing what it used to do — opening the doorway to possibilities. In the West we have what many would consider to be active Civil Society’ but it’s not particularly civil. In more family-centric cultures, and in the developing world in particular, the first-world problem of stagnation isn’t something they have time to deal with. They are using every tool at their disposal to move their lives forward in order to more effectively realise a ‘potential’ that to us looks like stagnation. It’s relative, not universal.

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