Getting Unconventional at Harvard’s Moral Education Conference

The Ethic of Dialogue: Art as Forum for Moral Education

Join Jordan, Ilya, and Kristin in an arts-based workshop exploring how ethics, dialogue, and the arts intersect. Using guided body-based practice and collaborative painting, the workshop will offer a new perspective on transcending traditional moral education, and incorporating it as a daily life practice.


Association for Moral Education Conference 2016

Post-Conference Workshop

Sunday, December 11th 1–3pm

Longfellow 228


Jordan Magid is an entrepreneur & scholar in the field of community-based art & moral education. At 19, Jordan launched his first venture, a 501c3 nonprofit leveraging public art for out-of-school learning & urban renewal. Currently, Jordan is the founder & Managing Director of Unconventional, a social benefit company connecting urban artists to organizations across public & private sectors. Additionally, Jordan is co-editing a book for Routledge publishers on the history of morality & ethics. Jordan completed his Masters in Education at Harvard University, studying the intersection of social entrepreneurship, art & political psychology.

Ilya Vidrin has trained as a dancer across the globe, including cities such as Manhattan, London, Sapporo, and Chicago. He has explored movement languages including Forsythe Improvisational Technologies, GaGa, Yin Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, Butoh, Latin/Ballroom, and Ballet. Most recently, Ilya has been working with companies such as Kurofune Ensemble, The Cambrians, and the Royal Swedish Ballet. Ilya’s academic and scholarly pursuits include the fields of Neuroscience, Rhetorical Theory, and Human Development, with research that focuses on bodily awareness and somatic approaches to movement. He’s worked on clinical and experimental projects involving non-invasive brain stimulation, cognitive behavioral training, and mindful enrichment.

Kristen Barendregt-Ludwig is the Creative Director of The Prepared Mind, a consulting practice dedicated to advancing social justice through empowering networks. She partners with communities and organizations to catalyze mindful collaboration through integrating the creative process into network leadership. Creative collaboration enhances the quality of attention within the system, empowering communities to more effectively seek diverse perspectives, iterate creative action, and learn together. Kristin has supported social change across sectors including education, public engagement, social services and the arts. As an active musician and composer, collaborative creativity has been at the center of Kristin’s career for over 15 years.

Students at Miami’s Carol City Middle School painting a mural with Unconventional © 2016

About the conference:

“The 42nd Association for Moral Education Annual Conference will be hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, USA, December 8 through 11, 2016. The event is partnering also with Tufts University’s Tisch College. The theme of the conference will be:

Civic engagement: a cultural revolution?

The expanding definitions of ‘civic’ participation, their intersections with ethics, and the implications for education.

The challenges and innovations in civic engagement in and beyond formal education are gaining worldwide attention, as has become increasingly evident in recent AME meetings. There are interesting links, synergies and dialogues among civics, ethics and moral development, including the significance of new media.”

Full details:

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