A Letter To My Younger Self

Caption: OU Kosher

Dear Younger Self,

I am writing you at the age of 22 years old, and I wanted to let you know what you can expect in the next ten years. Right now, you are 22 years old and finishing up your last year in college. I have good news for you; you will attain most of your goals by the time you are 30. I have bad news for you; you will go through a lot of bullshit while reaching your goals. But, let me give you some game because you are going to need it. In your twenties is when people go through their second childhood. This is when people are trying to figure what they want to do with their lives. There’s so many things I need to tell you to be prepared for:

1. The World Does Not Care About Your Pain

I know you are fumbling through life right now trying your best to cover up your pain with anger. You have a lot of reasons to feel the pain you do at 22, but I am here to tell you this: no one gives a fuck about your pain! The world could give a shit less about what you have gone through. You must not let that toxicity within you allow you to lash out at the closest people to you. You need not to take out your pain on those who really care for you. You can save yourself a lot of stress & grief by staying away from those that are positive when you are in a horrible mood. You will lose out on a lot of good friendships & relationships by walking around with such toxicity building inside of you. Continue to workout and write as a form of release.

2. Protect Your Body

I know that you feel like you are going to be in shape forever. I know that you think you can eat pizza, buffalo wings & pound bottles of beer like there’s no tomorrow, but trust me — you will regret it! Your metabolism will slow down, and those drunken nights of eating your feelings with Jack-In-The-Box will lead to weight gain. Do your best to practice moderation. Make sure to workout consistently & eat clean. I know, I know — wings are so damn good! But, those same buffalo wings will have your ass with high blood pressure & chunky as hell. Stick to the clean eating as best as you can!

3. Most People In Your Life Are Of The Season

At 22 years old, you feel like you have five people around you that you will always consider your best friends. I know that you have it in your mind that nothing can come between these friendships. Remember this — most people in your life are seasonal. Most people that you encounter are there to teach you a lesson. You’ll be lucky if you have two or three people in your life that are permanent fixtures. It doesn’t make them bad people, and it does not make you a bad guy! It just means that you meet people at certain parts of your life, and you can both outgrow each other in the future. Yeah, I know — it sucks! There’s no manual for learning how to handle a friendship ending. As you progress in life, so will some of your friendships. While a few will progress, others will fade.

4. The World Does Not Revolve Around You!

I hate to break it to you, champ, but you are not the center of the universe! Yeah, yeah, I know — it hurts your ego, but you need to realize this shit now! Don’t let your ego blind you, man. You are going to fuck up a lot of good friendships and relationships behind your ego. There’s going to be a hell-of-a-rude-awakening in store for you in just a few years. I’m not saying that you need to walk around with your head down lacking confidence; I am saying that when you learn to practice gratitude is when you will feel some solace inside of yourself. Gratitude will change you in ways you cannot fathom quite yet. Give people a chance. Stop the judgement. Hell — you don’t have it all your damn self!

5. It’s Okay To Start All Over

Right now, you are interning at Def Jam Records, and you feel like working in the music industry is the end-all-be-all for you. Like I told you earlier, you will accomplish most of your goals by the time you are 30. There will come a time when you will have to decide whether to start all over or stick around in some toxic shit. Don’t allow the money that you will make to keep you pacified in an profession you will lose passion for. There is no dollar amount to finding solace within yourself. There’s nothing wrong with starting all over, man.

There is no dollar amount to finding solace within yourself.

6. It’s Okay To Say Goodbye

You will deal with a lot of loss in the next coming years. I’m telling you this, man — never settle for anything that is temporary only out of familiarity. When you can see toxicity coming from a mile away, you have to stay away from it. You will be tested a lot in your twenties. You will make friends with people that are toxic for you. You will date women that are toxic for you. You will smell a shit ton of toxicity when you first meet these people. Normally, you would follow your first mind, and keep it movin’. But, you will give certain people a chance at being close with you when you secretly don’t like these types of people.

It’s all about experimentation. That’s what coming of age is. Dating people that are the opposite of whom you would normally date. Hanging out with people the complete opposite of whom you normally would hang out with. There’s nothing wrong with this. Life is all about taking risks. Life is all about turning strangers into close friends & possible lovers.

Life is all about turning strangers into close friends & possible lovers.

Life is about dealing with loss, checking your ego, protecting your health, and learning to say goodbye to toxicity to start all over again. You will hate. You will fear. You will love. You will cry. But above all, you will live to grow stronger.

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