Good Hustle vs. Bad Hustle

All money ain’t good money! Most people believe that hustling hard is the way to go when you are trying to attain your dreams. In the American Public School System & corporate world, you are taught to do a lot of busy work. With busy work, you are doing a lot of meaningless things to make yourself look busy rather than doing actual productive work that yields true results. This is a symptom of coming from a bad hustle mindset. There’s two types of people: those that practice a good hustle mindset & those that practice a bad hustle mindset. In this article, I will give you traits of someone that practice a good hustle mindset versus someone with a bad hustle mindset.

The Traits of Good Hustle:

Failure Is The Greatest Teacher

Fear of failure is a toxin that will stop all of your dreams from being manifested into your life. I used to be more afraid of failure more than anything in my life for a long time…until I failed. My first business, Uncovered Third PR did extremely well for the first six years, and when I failed to evolve, my business started to fail. I had the biggest fear of failure until I learned to evolve. When you come from a bad hustle mindset, you will look at failure as a roadblock. Whereas someone that comes from a good hustle mindset, they look at any failure in their life as a detour, NOT a roadblock! You will learn your best lessons in life from failure. Failure only makes you stronger.

If You Stay Ready, You Ain’t Got To Get Ready!

Yes! I did take a song from 97' from the West Coast rap legend, Suga Free, and I applied it to a trait of someone that practices a good hustle mindset. You have to always be ready for any opportunity that may come your way. In business, you must make sure that you have all of your assets ready before a client even contacts you. Too many times, we are not ready for an opportunity and allow it to walk right past us. It’s important to always have your assets in order so that you can take on a client the same day if possible. If you aren’t ready, the client will look elsewhere. Secure the bag!

A Student Forever…

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. — Jim Rohn.

With successful entrepreneurs, self-education is vital. You truly can learn something new everyday. Yes, it is cliche, but it is true! Someone that practices a good hustle mindset is always looking to read books, learn a new language, take online courses, etc. in order to become a much more well-versed human being. Once you become a master of one skill, seek to become a student in another skill.

The Traits of Bad Hustle:

Health Is Your Health

All successful entrepreneurs understand that there’s a direct correlation between being in optimal shape & the quality of your life. When you are working on a business, it can be the hardest thing you will ever do. Everyday you work on your business, you are in complete control of how well or how poorly your venture does. It’s the same thing with your health! When I first started Uncovered Third PR, I put so much emphasis on making money that I neglected my health. This is a true example of someone practing a bad hustle mindset. Just as difficult as it is to workout everyday, think about how great you feel afterwards! It’s the same feeling you’ll get when you work on your business venture when you see progression. Take care of your mental & physical health.

Friends & Family Have Expiration Dates

So many times when we are creating a business, we put important elements of our lives on hold. Friends & family is a huge part of our lives that we can put on the back-burner. Remember this — your friends & family all have expiration dates. I understand that you want to make as much wealth as possible when working on your business, but please do take out some time for your friends & family at least once a week. One thing that I do is I call, text, or email my family & friends once a week just to see how they are doing. When I first started my business, I neglected my family a lot. An email or text takes a couple of minutes. While you glide aimlessly through your FaceBook News Feed or Instagram, you could be sending a text or email to your family.

Deadline Bullies

I am a natural-borne extremist. I put so much stress on myself to be the best version of myself; I used to live by putting hard deadlines on myself to make certain things happen. This is another example of practicing a bad hustle mindset. Understand that anything that you do in your life should NOT be under an extreme deadline. If you put a crazy deadline on yourself, and you do not make your goal by that time, are you going to quit? Probably not! When it comes to your business understand that being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, not a sprint. There’s nothing wrong with having goals, but do not put extreme deadlines on yourself. If you do not make your goals in a certain time, just keep working on it until the goal becomes an attainment.

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