Things I Have Considered For Money

I find myself yet again at the mercy of job boards, application portals and cover letters. Last week I cried while frantically scrolling through Indeed for anything that didn’t have the appeal of indentured servitude. Since this emotional breakdown I have composed a list things I have honestly considered doing for money.

  1. Work in retail. Again.
  2. Sell someone else’s organs.
  3. Start a Youtube Channel.
  4. Write a podcast.
  5. Rent my apartment on Airbnb.
  6. Panhandle.
  7. Ironically, give career advice.
  8. Thrift my clothes.
  9. Get in shape. Become a stripper.
  10. Return my degree, get my money back.
  11. Start a line of graphic t-shirts.
  12. Pawn my mac.
  13. Jar my tears after pawning my mac, and sell them on ebay.
  14. Call my brother. Borrow money.
  15. File a class-action suit against job boards.
  16. Panhandle.
  17. Start a band. Name it Prophetic Hobo.
  18. Pitch my transportation Kiosks idea to Uber.
  19. Write a pilot, sell it to a network.
  20. Marry wealthy.
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