It’s just lunch!

Today I ate lunch pretty early, and was looking forward to a few quiet minutes at the communal tables at work. I had already queued up this incredible write up (by Laurie Penny and you need to read it ASAP) about Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work, and my goal was to eat my leftovers and enjoy that article.

One of my colleagues sat down at the other communal table, but we exchanged some pleasantries.

“Hey! Whatcha got there?”

“Leftovers from Tu Lan. It is the best deal near our office. This is Day 2 for this food!” (PSA: Tu Lan is delicious, inexpensive, and reheats beautifully. You should eat there.)

“Can’t be as good a deal as the Gold Club! He he he!”

Background: The Gold Club is a topless bar/restaurant located in SOMA, a short walk from our office. The lunch buffet is free.

“Well, I would rather have the food than the misogyny.”

“Oh, well. . . I mean. . . I’ve never been.”

“Then why would you tout it like that?!”

“For my street cred!”

Herein lies the problem. To be clear: I think strip clubs are great. You dance/waitress/work there because you want to? It pays the bills? Your workplace keeps you safe? Yas, kween. Move right along. I also know they need clients. Someone has to make sure it pays the bills, and if you keep a safe distance and pay for the team’s time, then cheers to you.

My issue is this guy, who clearly thinks that the Gold Club, sign unseen, is simultaneously something to be tossed around and ridiculed, but also something he wants to be associated with. Like, you want me to imagine you chowing down on fried chicken and stuffing dollars down panties, but you also think that a place like that existing is silly, and are quick to distance yourself from it.

So, colleague dude, your street cred is that you grilled cheeses every day for lunch (you call them paninis), and don’t know shit.

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