That kind of rich

My Aunt and Uncle are huge Trump supporters, and based on their lifestyle, they should be. They are rich. R. I. C. H. Just what kind of rich? Here are a few observations:

  • “Just go through the servants’ entrance” even though their home was built in 1990
  • Matching his and hers Lexuses every single year
  • Walk-in closets per item. “I looked for it in the jacket closet, but found it with my blazers instead.”
  • Chihuly installation in the hallway
  • Conned out of $200,000 because they were so sure they never doubt they have the insider’s track. . .the REAL story

Did I expect them to vote against their own interests? No. But did I hope that they were better than this? Yes. And now I am going home and I don’t know if I can call them and let them know that I am visiting.

What am I losing by just cutting them out? Not a lot, but it feels like so much. He never offered me moral support, and always had a contentious relationship with my Dad right up until he died. But, he smells like him, and the memories that flood my mind when I hug him are worth so much to me. He cries when he sees my son. He says that he wishes my Dad had gotten to see him, but I guarantee that I wish that more.

I also wish that he had thought of his own grandchildren when he voted. 5 of them are affluent white boys/men, but one is a severely developmentally delayed woman, and another is, as far as I know, a run of the mill, normal woman. Those 5 boys were always going to be fine, and they likely always will. Those girls, though. . . those girls have a lot less to look forward to because he decided that he had the insider track on who to support, and now here we are.

I still don’t know if I am going to call again. I already left 2 voicemails about my visit. Maybe I could just show up and get a whiff. . . even if I have to stand at the servants’ entrance to get it.

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