Why I’ve decided to start writing (undercover).

The Undercover CEO began whilst trying to process way too much information.

I was trying to process everything at once; a job, a startup and a family tragedy to mention but a few.

Now The Undercover CEO seems like a great way of sharing inspiration, ideas and allowing information overload to be released for the value of others.

With a significant birthday just around the corner, it feels like I am speeding towards a roundabout at 100mph with the roundabout getting closer day-by-day. Yet, the decisions of which life-direction to take do not get easier, just more complex.

I’ve never been exceptionally intelligent education wise . Emphasised recently by coming across people who have been to universities and studied in subjects I’d never even heard of.

But what I do believe I have is plenty of drive and a pretty damn good commercial brain.

  • Idea
  • Grit
  • Commercial accumen

Is the above the rawest forms of job, startup and ‘life’ success?

Tip: I watched Bill Gross’ hugely valuable TED Talks on “The single biggest reason why startups succeed”, see results below, which I found hugely interesting.

Top 5 Factors in Success Across 200+ companies:

  1. Timing: 42%
  2. Team/Execution: 32%
  3. Idea “Truth” Outlier: 28%
  4. Business Model: 24%
  5. Funding: 14%

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