Using a giant flamethrower attached to a tractor, organic farmers manage to control weeds without synthetic chemicals. Image from Interesting Engineering.

by Rob Schuham, Co-founder of Undercurrent

Continuation from Part 2: (part 1 is here to start from the beginning)


Phase 3: Circularity and Regeneration:

Undercurrent partner, and Founder of Natural Capital Solutions, Hunter Lovins and her co-authors identify in their recent book, A Finer Future, that humanity is in…

by rob schuham, co-founder of Undercurrent

Songar drone system, equipped with computer-assisted automatic machine guns, will soon enter service with a deal signed between Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency and the drones’ manufacturer, Asis Elektronik. This and other technologies could easily be replicated by bad actors.

I had originally written this article as part a larger series called “From the Gilded Age of Capitalism to a Golden OnePart Two” as I simply can’t “un-see” all that I’ve seen in this space. Both the good, as well as the…

Women welders making stirrup pump handles during the war effort, circa 1939. IWM/Getty Images

by Rob Schuham, Co-founder of Undercurrent

Continuation from introduction in Part 1:


“…..So the next question is the “how?” Here’s where it starts getting good. We are already doing it.

Never before have we seen a global consortium of corporations radically collaborating with each other as they are now…

3D illustration of Coronavirus (©

by Rob Schuham, co-founder of Undercurrent

It’s truly a holy shit moment for the world. COVID-19 is a pandemic. Entire countries are in lockdown. The stock market is gyrating and down considerably. Uncertainty has led to panic and hoarding. And we are in a state of fear that I can…


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