Sun rays in the Bruderwald, Bamberg, Bavaria.

It’s been one year since our last post. Sorry about that. This is just a quick update to let you know that we published a post inspired by our hashtag #UPCurrentThoughts. Read the full article here:

More articles will be uploaded to the site in the coming months!

Thank you for all the submissions so far!

Best, as always,


Aurora borealis, or northern lights, above Bear Lake, Alaska

Inspired by our response to Waterloo Philosophy’s tweet last month, our first #UPCurrentThoughts is:

How did something come from nothing?

See our blog post on the #UPCurrentThoughts guidelines.

We’re looking for 500, 1000 or 3000 words on this question (or some variation of it — the final title is up…

Abstract expressionist contemporary painting

Introducing Our New Hashtag!

We’ve decided to start a new hashtag, #UPCurrentThoughts, which we hope will get your creative juices flowing.

Every quarter, we will tweet a philosophical question, it may be on current affairs or simply topics of interest.

While we would like to hear from writers by the…

Óleo sobre tela by Solveigamundsen

A warm welcome to Undercurrent Philosophy’s blog (also known as “Undercurrent’s Blog”). Here the team will post updates about the site.

Very soon we will be introducing a new quarterly feature, #UPCurrentThoughts, which we’re all very excited about. It will serve as a repository for inspiration for future posts. …

Undercurrent Philosophy

Undercurrent Philosophy (aka “UP” or “Undercurrent”) has been online since 2016: Welcome to our blog!

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