The Breaking Bad Story 5 Seasons Told In an article

Jaka Tembung
Sep 23 · 3 min read
Breaking Bad Serial TV Which Ended In 5 Seasons
Breaking Bad Serial TV Which Ended In 5 Seasons

This TV series was so phenomenal till today. People still talked a lot about The Breaking Bad Story even it was ended in seasons 5. The series story itself is very light to follow and fun to watch. But there’s a lot of things that makes us as audience exaggerated, and keeping us wondering what the next will come. In short, it was an amazing story plot and beautifully done.

The Breaking Bad Story In The Beginning

It was about an University’s Professor of Chemical and teaching at University college. All things starts to crumbled down in the life of the prof as he found out he was diagnosed with stadium 3 to 4 cancer that only have few months to 1 year life span left. So he starts the treatment and losing his hair and drained his life saving money. While he was thinking about ending his life. Something happen to him with his student. It was about the “meth” his student was selling. So it gave him some idea to die with some big money to inherit to his 2 children and his wife.

Here is The Main Story Takes Part

After decided to left some money for his wife and children after he die. He start involving to his student business — selling meth. Using his very well knowledge about chemical. He did created some high quality of Meth (amphetamine) to be sell in the street. So the collaboration of teacher and student, producer of “goods” and sales “marketing” guy — did started between Professor “Walter White” and “Jesse Pinkman”.

Main Climax and Problems

With the best quality ever made in “meth” history. Their stuffs becoming the “best seller” meth and start making money for both of them. As they start to becoming big in the business. They also start to get some big problems from rivals. With the friendship of 2 person vs the “black world” was the spirit the producer try to offer to us.

Everything come in their way of live start from now on. The problem with the money, affiliated people, people around them start to questions. Also the problem with the money laundry and the police, rivals, everything come in all at nearly once time. The story really get us interested because of the family man Walter White and problemed teenager Jesse Pinkman. All their social life, economic and every aspects in their life changing because of this business.

Ending In Breaking Bad Story

So after problems come one by one and solved one by one, even some without the way we could think of. The emotional between the friendship, social, family problem. The Breaking Bad ended so good and sad that all those things really meaningful. It even doesn’t leave us with paradox ending. But it makes us want demand more of them. As i could say it ended in perfect way for a TV series.

After all this life i watched hundreds of serials. I can say this series makes me felt like i was winning lottery like in Lottery of judi toto hk 4d online terpercaya but in TV serial kind of. It was so great in genre crime drama that i was a little upset when it came to an end. So that the very short i can writes about the breaking bad story. Sorry i can’t tell how the end because it will makes other that hasn’t watched it kind of spoiled the end. So have a good day and enjoy watching it again and again after you seen the series once.

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