White and Wealthy

Those in power will do almost anything to maintain their control. A glance back to the early 20th century America provides a great example of this — corporations exploiting workers to no end, creating conditions that force children to work, and cause immeasurable suffering to hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

These sorts of practices, while still in place today in various third world countries, are nonetheless watered down significantly thanks to various regulations and safety nets provided to workers. This isn’t to say that exploitation is gone, however — there’s limitless texts at our disposal that prove the faults with capitalism and how they’re intrinsic to the system.

Nonetheless, it’s gotten better, after all, at least there’s no attacks against people who speak out about a company’s corrupt behavior anymore. Right? Right?

I wish this were the case.

While there’s numerous scandals about there involving key witnesses or individuals involved with prosecuting a given powerful person or prominent corporation suddenly disappearing or dying, you wouldn’t expect it to be local to a small, mostly suburban section of Pennsylvania. But the Mohegan Sun Pocono casino proves otherwise.

A few days ago in Wilkes-Barre’s Mill Creek, the body of Matthew Crane was spotted by three people, with what appeared to be a wound in his head. Its since been examined by a pathologist in an autopsy, with a claim that he ‘accidentally drowned’ by falling off of a trestle into the creek.

Only two miles away from the casino.

It needn’t be said that there’s obviously much more going on here than a coincidental drowning, but some more context is needed.

Crane worked as a table dealer at the casino and, in 2015, told the police about a scheme by Robert Pellegrini, a former vice president of the casino, Mark Heltzel, a regular customer, and Rochelle Poszeluznyj, a bartender and Crane’s girlfriend to defraud the casino of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, the case was resolved for over a year since, and all three have been charged, albeit barely so — Pellegrini 32 months in prison, Heltzel 18 months, and Poszeluznyj a mere 6 months on house arrest and 2 years on probation. That’s right, they barely got a charge. People get arrested for far more for using drugs — something that’s their choice in how it affects them!

This is just another example of revenge being taken against an innocent person who was reporting a heinous act by upper class individuals, an act that deprived casino workers of fair pay and damaged the finances of the customers heading there as a means to get some extra money, something many desperately need to even survive. And they get away with essentially a slap on the wrist why?

Because they’re white and wealthy. And now naught is going to be done to give just coverage to Crane’s death, while the three involved are going to, by 2019, all be able to move on with their lives as if nothing happened.