Gospel Metaphor

Increase your gospel fluency by practicing sharing the gospel using random objects or metaphors.

This is a very quick and easy exercise. Just look around, in purses and pockets and find random objects and then tell people to start sharing the gospel in pairs. Have fun with it!

ex. dry erase marker. our hearts are like dry erase boards. We get marked in life by evil that happens to us, and by the evil we do. each thing is a mark. After these accumulate we try to wipe them off, rub them clean but there is always a residue (just like on white boards). Our sin sticks to us. We can keep cleaning but it never fully comes off. What we need is a completely new whiteboard heart.

Jesus through his death and resurrection gives us new life, makes us new creations, replaces our dirt for his cleanliness.

ex. sin is like BO. everyone knows you got it except for you. It’s easy to find the smelly flaws in others but almost impossible to see it clearly in ourselves.

It is impossible to think yourself clean, or do some good deeds to help you not smell. You literally must be purified by something else. Something that is more pure than you are. The work of the cross is the purifying power of Jesus to remove our sins from us.