Prayer Walking

by Curtis Sergeant

Get Started
  1. Community. Go in pairs or very small groups.
  2. Plan. Set a time and area.
  3. Listen to God. While we listen to his voice so we can pray his desires there are three ways he might give insight.
  4. Observation: seeing garbage on the street might trigger a prayer against garbage in lives
  5. Research: you might find specific pockets of crime, injustice or occult practices which give you are clear direction for prayer
  6. Revelation: the Holy Spirit might nudge you to a topic or scripture, you might even get a vision or an image.
  7. Debrief. regather, report and celebrate who God is.
Common Activities
  • Praise.
  • Prayer.
  • Proclamation.
Important Factors
  • Unity
  • Decide on a Leader
  • Specific scriptures to pray
  • Submission to the Lord
  • Humility
  • Persistence
5 Pressure Points
  1. Government centers
  2. Commercial centers
  3. Educational centers
  4. Communication centers
  5. Spiritual centers (both Christian and nonChristian)
Prayer for Others

One method for praying for people you meet is to use the BLESS acrostic

B ody

L abor

E conomics

S ocial

S piritual

  • Jesus- proclaim him afresh to be the one Mediator and ransom for all.
  • Leaders- pray for positions of authority, teachers, police, administrators and parents
  • Peace- cry out for godliness, holiness and kingdom peace
  • Truth- declare openly the bedrock reality that there is one God. Pray minds to be opened to him.
  • Gospel- ask heaven that this would be the proper time for the testimony of Jesus to be given
  • Blessing of God- thanksgiving for all people, ask to see the city with his eyes
  • Church- ask that our worship would be adorned with confirming power of saints doing good